Disguise by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Just a quick one off:

After I finished the last whale (Heavy), I had an idea for a totally different whale. I didn't want to spend a whole pile of time on it, so I kept it pretty simple.


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The expression of this whale makes me think that he is also "heavy."

It also makes me glad that someone saw fit to design and construct a set of Groucho specs for the Leviathan set. I believe this and take comfort from it because, as you may have suspected for some time, I have chosen to fully believe that your illustrations are based on real things, from this life, even.

If Moby Dick had looked like this, Ahab might have been too amused to get all trailey with the Pequod, and all pokey with the harpoons.

I like the background pattern, too -- it makes me think of airports and swanky clubs.

Thanks, dudeman. I hesitate to admit that I actually got the idea for the background during a recent visit to IKEA.

this one made me smile. a whale in disguise!

is he hiding from someone? or does he want to impress his lady love by looking different from the rest of the whales?

This makes me happier than you could ever realize. The first thing that went through my head was: "Moustache."

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