IAD 6: Spatch by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Ironic utensils should be the required desktop background images on every computer.

"No way!?" says ye.

"WAY!" I exclaim, "So way!"

Medium: AI CS3
Available in other sizes and desktop-background-friendly dimensions upon request.


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As much as I weep at even the merest thought of Old Glory billowing o'er Our Faire Republicke, I also realise that she has got some years on her and needs a rest. This image you have made would make a most suitable replacement. The Spirit of 1776 is totally strong in this.

I'm serious, this would make a good replacement flag for us U.S. Americans. To anyone foolish enough to disagree: You are wrong and I would debate you into the ground on this point if it came to it.

This is damn good stuff.

I felt mighty patriotic upon finishing this one.

"And the charcoal's red glare,
Steaks cooked medium rare,
Thumbs up to the man
Who grilled beef with care..."

Spatula City! Spatula City!


Where else can you find NAME BRAND spatulas at a FRACTION of retail cost?!? SPATULA CITY....

...and what better way to say, "I Love You" than with a gift of a spatula.

(If I keep going, I'll have to cite this with footnotes and a bibliography)

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