IAD 4: Mr. Chompins by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Medium: Pencil & Paper


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So that be Chompins. I'll wager that when he flips his lid there will be, like in the ancient texts, "a clatter for the ages."

Yep, that's Chompins. I've long had the intention of writing and illustrating a fable based on the Mr. Chompins character. The frozen head of Walt Disney makes an appearance.

What's wrong? Mr. Chompins doesn't believe in pants? Children could be watching him prance around!

Mr. Chompins believes in pants... the tightest of pants. This is why he's only seen donning footed leotards. A later, color rendition of Chompins may even reveal that the hue of his spandex trousers is a color other than flesh-tone.

I remember in high school, once, when a classmate of mine -- a tall, lanky, rednecky gal on the edge of being reasonably cute, blurted out out how good Big Daddy Kane had looked in his spandex during a recent appearance at a nearby performance venue.

If a gal like that could dig such as BDK, then I can't help but feel that she might also have been impressed by this Mister Chompins and his spandexpants.

Also, if we was playin' cards and this guy trumped my Ace lead, I would so possibly bellow:


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