IAD 29: Improvising

By Chris Leavens

This is an idea I've had stored in my brain for a long time. I was originally going to paint it, but it seemed to lend itself to IAD:

Medium: AI CS3


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When Frenchy Bluecheeks would start to blow on his Hypermegaphonium, all the poshies, swells, and dandies in the audience would put down their dessert forks, wipe the pretentious and expensive European pastry residue from their lips, and take to the floor in twos and fives to cut a little rug all night long. That Frenchy Bluecheeks only ever played in clubs with bare floors didn't make them hesitate for one hot minute.

Strong piece, with an almost "Leica-like" three-dee feel. If this were a poster for a gig, I would want that gig to be playing at MY club so I could have its outer walls covered with this image.

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