IAD 27: Evolution by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

IAD nearly ended tonight as I was drawing this one:

Popping this one out was a psychological and creative struggle. The project is beginning to push me to the limit, mostly because of sleep deprivation.

Medium: AI CS3


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If IAD had ended with this one, at least it would have gone out with a bang.

This is loaded with meaning, especially considering your title...

Is it a statement of support for Intelligent Design? Or is it an indictment of those who willfully turn their backs on progress, even when the door door is opened for them?

Or does the title simply refer to the evolution of fishing lures, with this angler trying to pull in his dinner with an old laptop?


Routinely in my village, we fish, as well as do other everyday things, using the the versatile e-waste of the Decadent West.

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