IAD 26: Nowhere to Hide by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

My head feels like scrambled eggs. The 26th installment of Illustration a Day follows the colon:

Medium: AI CS3


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Another very inspired one. I like how you made the wedge between the pyramids form a "vee" for the victory that the fighter jets will surely bring. A victory that even a cute giraffadillo will draw strength and joy from.

I'd sure like to know what gave rise to this one...

For the giraffe, I drew some telescoping shapes and they started to look like a neck and I took it from there. The background was originally going to be a road stretching out into the distance, but I started to play with the idea of perspective and reversing perspective by switching the illusion (instead of compressing things stretching toward the horizon, I was spreading them apart). Then I turned the entire background upside-down and made the "road" blue. I had a double-yellow extending the length of the road and I made it white. The stripes looked like contrails and the final idea was born.

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