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Unloosen has been resting lately. You may have noticed a break in updates and there are some legitimate reasons. Here are those reasons:

1. I, Chris, have been busy planning a wedding. Some of you Unloosenites (Unlooseinians?) are aware that I am getting married in November. Some of you, before this point, were unaware of my pending nuptials. Now you are aware. I am marrying Adriana. She has appeared in photos here on Unloosen.

2. I have been traveling. I'm in Dallas, TX right now.

3. Other people are tired and they are getting rest.

4. My addiction to Persian rugs has gotten out of hand.

Never fear! October is coming and Unloosen updates will flood your browsers with a digital deluge of a ridiculous nature.

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There's been some debate over whether or not a certain pen in a certain photograph posted to this site earlier is really gianormous. I submit this image as some kind of proof that the pen in question is indeed of the gianormous sort.

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