Poi by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Adriana and I are in Hawaii right now, Oahu, to be exact. We ate at a Hawaiian restaurant today and we tried poi. To quote our waiter, "It tastes kinda like glue. I like it."


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I've looked at this picture several times, and nothing has changed.

I never heard such a fitting discription. They say the best way to eat it, is to eat it with some fish. The salt vs. bland is apparently supposed to make a taste explosion in your mouth. I have tried poi.... i had no such explosion.

For some reason I've always been wary of setting off explosions -- of taste or otherwise -- in my mouth. Probably because I don't want all the orthodontia I went through as a teenager to go to waste.


Haiku: Ate glue many times......(Was a dangerous hobby.....).....Poi? You are not glue.

Tha' wee po'm up there

Great and simple, yet so true

Makes poi more worthy

I do not know how long you are staying on Oahu, but if you get the chance, you sould go to the Nu'uanu Pali State Wayside. It has a beautiful view of what they call "The Chinaman's Hat" and as a bonus, there is an illustration of people being pushed off a cliff.

We landed back in LA last night. Unfortunately, I missed the Nu'uanu Pali State Wayside. Now that I know what's there, I feel like a total failure.

Traffic rolled slowly
And the tropical ocean
Stole time from humor

I have some pics of the Chinaman's Hat and the illustration. If you would like to see them let me know where I can email them.

Smell the burning flesh
Taste the tangy sulfur air
Volcano season

(I lay no claim to that one; that's Moltar from Space Ghost Coast to Coast)

This one could use a tenth comment...


Never had poi. It might be good with a little hot sauce, I'm guessing.

I like the guy in the back who just smoked that old lady's glaucoma medicine into nothingness right in her blurry-eyed face.

Was it the devil over her shoulder that told her to order the Sierra Mist? Everyone knows that poi mixed with high fructose corn syrup can make you go blind. But as long as she doesn't eat from 9 bowls at the same time, everything should be fine. Picinic plates would be big there.

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