Giant Video Face by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens


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An oasis of relief in a desert of disappointment: THIS is what the 21st Century is supposed to look like.

I thought we were supposed to be zipping around in flying cars by now.

And speaking of oases of relief, I'm most of the way through a story that I hope to polish off and post here in the next week or so. Feel free to bug me about it if I slack off, though.

I didn't realize that Big Brother doesn't have a dental plan.

The day I visited Millennium Park, the giant video face thing was turned off, I guess. It just looked like a big brick wall. You don't have to put quarters into it to make it work, do you? The giant metallic bean didn't do much for me, either. It's supposed to represent the future or hope or dreams or some crap like that, but it just looked like a big metallic bean to me.

So... you finish that story yet Craig? Huh? How about now? How about... now? Seriously.

I like beans and I like metal, so the metal bean is a real winner in my book. If the greatest hope for the future is destined to be a giant reflective legume, then the coming days will treat me kindly.

The video face walls worked without quarters, but maybe that's because it was a holiday weekend. Maybe you should bring quarters the next time you return to the park. Or maybe, just maybe, the secret of the video wall's powers is hidden in the bean.


It's supposed to represent the future of beans. That's why it's called the Cloud Gate.

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