Awareness Month Remembers Those "Other" Guys

By Chris Leavens

Some people who visit Unloosen and participate in Unloosen Awareness Month insist on asking lengthy, probing questions about the "other" guys who've written stuff for this incredible website. What happened to Ed Darrin, Mike Wargo, David Kendall, Frog, Jason Kornblatt, Rick DeMott, and A.S. Albright?

Honestly, not everyone is cut out for the fame and glamour Unloosen drenches its contributors in. But this won't stop us from celebrating the greatness they've brought to Unloosen, so in honor of all of those "other," silent members of our team, we say, "Thank you for giving us stuff. Here, have a day."

Let these hibernating men know you care about what they've given us by delving into their work, patting them on the back, and buying them a job-well-done beverage of their choice. Who knows? It may rouse them from their deep, creation-free slumber.


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Jeans, sneakers, and a plain blue T-shirt. Football, Adam Sandler, and American Idol. Jesus, Toyota, and the suburbs of Orlando. My entire life has been geared towards blending into our vanilla culture. Today my mediocrity has finally paid off. Thank you,, for honoring me as an "other guy."

"Other" guys are scary. Ever since I was coming up, back in the day and whatnot, I have been told by both people AND textbooks that to be a real American is to deeply and genuinely fear the "other." So, thanks for bringing this up Chris. I didn't really need to sleep anyway.

I missed my 1/7th of Other Guys Day (Math aside: 1/7th of a day is 3 hours 25 minutes and 42.85 seconds). Can I have a do-over?

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