Unloosen Awareness Month, Please Don't Go Away

By Chris Leavens

By the time you read this, there will be less than 24 hours remaining in the greatest October 2006 to ever grace any of the multitude of possible realities. Time and fate have converged to deliver the awesome power of Unloosen Awareness Month, but alas, these two forces will also serve as its terminus.

In order to help you cope with Awareness-free months ahead, we're designating this day, October 31, a day of mourning and remembrance. Grab a few boxes of tissue, the DVD-R with all of the telephone company commercials you TIVO'd, and your favorite "blankie" and cry the day away. Sit in front of your computer and read Unloosen. Wring from its pages the last drops of Awareness October has to offer. Ask the universe, "Why, oh why must you make October and Unloosen Awareness Month end? Why do you rob me of spectacular surprises and events, like the return of both Joe Blevins and Stuart Gimble? How can you, deep, wise universe, be so cruel as to crush dreams of Awareness being delivered to every man, woman, and child alive? Curse you, vast everything!"

Or you could just go to some Halloween party, because apparently THAT'S happening today, too.


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I am reading this posting at 9:41 pm on Oct. 30. How is the future? What '80s model sports car are you using to travel in time? Or did you use a convenient time tunnel, which are native to Pennsylvania or lower parts of Indonesia?

If me AND Cher could turn back time, then we would find a way to make every day "Unloosen Awareness Month."

Hmm... seems to me as if you, Rick DeMott, are the time traveler, not Unloosen. Just look a the time the entry was posted: October 31, 2006 12:00 A.M. You, my friend, somehow went back in time to comment on said entry. The proof is in the pudding.

I believe your computer room must sit atop some variety of time hole (incidentally, our preferred time-travel method). This may cause problems if you ever want to get to work on time or watch scheduled network programming on TV. You may want to have someone check into this for you.

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