The Five People You Meet on Earth by Ed Darrin

By Ed Darrin

Your mother.
Your best friend.
A black guy.*
A young Australian couple.

*If your best friend already happens to be a black guy, then another black guy.


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What happens if you don't meet all of these people? Does that make you not on Earth? What if you meet a couple where the guy and girl are together and they met in Australia, but only the guy is Australian? What if one of the couple is an Aborigine male and therefore, technically black?

Most importantly, what if your mother is a black guy?

I've got 3 out of 5 so far.

Chris L: The couple is Australian. If one of them isn't Australian, then that's somebody else.

If one of the couple is a black guy, then another black guy. The way to remember is it has to be five separate people.

Your first question doesn't make sense. You are on earth, and these are the five people you meet on earth.

To me, the title is the true conundrum here. It implies that these are the only people you 'meet' on Earth. To satisfy the previous posters, the "THE" in the title should be erased. Or perhaps the verb 'meet' has another meaning than what is commonly used. If 'meet' in this case is defined as let's say, headbutting another person while whistling, then I got 3 out of 4. Happy Mother's Day!

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