The Awning Car by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

This was given to me as a birthday present a few years ago. It is a marvel of mangled English. Behold, the product of Chinese translation, design, and engineering:


Yes, in case you were wondering what class of vehicle this was, it is the ever-so desirable "Advanced Grade of Contest Model."


This bold illustration entices English-speaking youth everywhere to feel the power and luxury that is an Awning Car.


The incredible feature set speaks for itself.


I've often wondered about the motives of power devices, but the packaging for this power device inspires security and comfort.


Toughest car name ever? You bet.


Yes, both lovable and famous, a great car indeed.


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Great stuff, Chris! A billion people in China and not one of them has a job as an editor for stuff like this? Then again, this blatant ridiculousness (is that a word? maybe I'm part Chinese) is one of the reasons why Americans buy this stuff. The Chinese are more business savvy than one would believe on the surface. Here's to Communism!


I just can't believe it. "Awning car"?

I think someone who's never heard anyone speak English, never saw a word written in English, nor even heard of the language English would be able to write better copy for this product.

Much credit is due to my friend Alex Kinnan, the man who found and purchased this fantastic spectacle.

I don't know which is my favorite characteristic of this mighty vehicle: its name, "Wheelbarrow," the fact that it has "the sweet music," or that it's just plain famous. Famous, lucky, luxury; these words seem to be tossed around in east-Asian culture more than a Koosh ball at a mid-90s slumber party.


Okay on a completely unrelated side note:

Either rent, Netflix, or purchase the First (and only) Season of Stella.

It's very very funny absurd random humor with three guys dressed in suits.

I also recommend the same guys movie, "Wet Hot American Summer".

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