Chris Elliot

By Chris Leavens

One of my life goals was finally fulfilled on Wednesday night when my friend Alex and I met Chris Elliot. In this photo, the king of absurd comedy is pointing to his cadre of Alsatian bodyguards, each of which, he described, would kick my ass if I didn't leave at that very moment. I counted twenty-four of the the brutes, but there may have been a few little ones hiding in the stovepipe-leg pants of the big guys.


Alex was so scared by the impending doom that he wet himself.


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Oh you LA-ians and your star-gazing ways.

That's pretty freaking sweet though, I must say. I was always a big fan of his stuff on Letterman even though I saw most of it nearly 10 years after it was actually on through various sources. He was also a good cast member on SNL.

Did you read his book yet? I wonder if it's any good.

Most importantly, did you point him to our little cubby-hole of cyberspace?

Get a Life hooked me when I was in eighth or ninth grade. It subverted the sitcom format and perfected the comedic montage. I thought he was extremely under-utilized on Saturday Night Live. He didn't seem to have the same self-depricating spirit.

I didn't bug him about our site, mainly because I was already being a big dork and didn't want to transform from dork into "that guy." The guy in front of me became "that guy" when he handed Chris Elliot a copy of a short film he had made.

Oh yes, "that guy." Quite a twit.

Yeah, I completely understand not wanting to be "that guy". Having never seen any celebrity that I truly admire, I'm kind of afraid I might turn into "that guy" and go all fanboy on him/her/it. Kevin Smith would make me weak at my knees, I'm afraid. His movies are crude and sometimes very juvenile but there's just a sparkle of brilliance in each one (I even liked Jersey Girl, for what it was).

Cool sighting and may I add that you are two fine looking gentleman. Er, uh, Ahem. Now excuse me while I drive my monster truck over to the strip club.

Very cool stuff, indeed. I have known for ages of your admiration for Mr. Elliot's work and spelling prowess. For the total of thirty minutes of post-Nealon/Hartman SNL I have watched over the years, I agree that he was under-used. Perhaps along the same line as Norm MacDonald was. He tanked on every news sketch, but I still found him funny. Best Burt Reynolds ever, by the way. Elliot also had a bit part in "Manhunter", which is the real version of "Red Dragon", in other words, the good one.

I didn't wet myself, I just spilled the drink that I was storing inside my body is all. Next time, I won't keep it, um, "down there," but in the recyclable can in which it belongs. Recycling is good for the environment and that's good for all of us.

Anyway, it was a staggeringly cool evening. The bodyguards were very nice, once we left... Together.

Jewel flipped me off.

I am so amazed by the pics that I have reached a level of jealous that I thought could never achieve. Amazing.


I was excited to see that you got to meet Mr. Chris Elliot. I would have freaked out at the opportunity. I was also there for the "Jewel flipped me off" incident. That was fun. She didn't rock as much as Helmet, though...

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