Hot Dog Boy's Long Lost Friend

By Chris Leavens

When I was in Seattle, WA, I ran into this masochistic cone o' fries. I suspected he was made by the same sculptor/company that made Hot Dog Boy and I was later informed (by the fry man's owner) that I was correct.


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There's just something about anthropomorphic fried food devouring itself that makes me want to purchase whatever foodstuff it is trying to sell.

French fries are so good they want to eat themselves? I'm sold!

I interpreted his wincing right eye as a self-inflicted pain from eating one's self.

"I'm so delicious... aaaaaoowww... So good."

Just for the record, I am allegic to french fies. All spuds for that matter. Seriously.

How does he take a dump with that pointy ass?

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