It's for You

By Chris Leavens

I just got back from another trip to Arizona (one of my favorite states) and I took a ton of photos. This one's definitely the strangest and most Unloose of the bunch, so here it be. There's just something about mannequins that makes them endlessly bizarre.


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For someone in a pink polkadot dress she's awfully snooty about either that phone or who's calling on the phone.

A wonderfully even tone to the whole thing that really drives home the appeal of a colour like pale pink. In some ways, it reminds me of a song I wish someone would write. Part of the song would probably go like this:

"...and that giant pink phone would ring 2-nite,

Her big hands with the nails done 'just right',

Her hat makes me swoon, under the light of the moon,

'Cuz to me it looks like it's from a Thomson or a Thompson from that Tintin cartoon..."

In a perfect world, it would be sung by Gregg Allman or maybe someone else.

I like how she's holding her hand under her elbow, like it's dripping or something.

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