Tree of Doom by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens


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That looks like the tree that tried to take the kid in Poltergeist. When I was young, that scene scared the crap out of me. In the sequel, when he was attacked by his own braces, I knew it was just special effects, but when I was ten and that twisted tree broke in and snatched him out of his bed, I had to leave the room. It was years before I went back and saw the rest of the film.

And lo, the Eye of Mordor was upon Middle-Earth.

(Why, yes, I do frequently suffer from pocket-protector accidents. Why do you ask?)

I dated a girl in college who thought she was a witch, but she was just an only child. If she saw this photo, runes would be tossed whilst listening to Rush.

In all honesty, I posted this because I think it's one of my favorites in a while. The detail in the tree branches is pretty intense if you see a larger, less compressed version. And if you're wondering, it's near the top of Mount Waterman, a peak outside LA that's somewhere around 8,000 feet.

Rush rules!! I've seen them twice.

Did you wear a druid robe?

Rush is cool, but it seems as if they attract a lot of self-righteous pagan types. I'll bet they're pretty great live, though.

I'm an only child, does that make me a warlock?

Rush is cool. They did a song about a black hole, which would certainly attract any self-righteous pagan types hapless enough to enter its gravitational field. It is my understanding that they would then be inevitably drawn into the singularity.

What remains unknown is if a black hole leads to other universes and, if so, if self-righteousness, especially when devoid of mass, can pass through unaltered.

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