A man and his fish...and another man's hand by Frog

fish man_4557.jpg


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I like this one -- it's pleasant and strange at the same time. There seems to be some betrayal present. Did the hand-man steal that fish, or is the the other man "cool?" Either way, I'm pretty sure the fish is not alive anymore. I am a scientist.

Whenever I think of Wildwood, NJ (which I've never been to), I imagine it as still being stuck in the 80's. Hooters (the restaurant) everywhere , guys with long feathered bleach blonde hair wearing neon colored tank tops with oddly shaped women the color of rust hanging off of them.

The above picture is my mental image manifested. Thank you, Frog, for peering inside my brain.

Be this a tale of vengeance or of revolt?

The grin and the backwards hat make me think the former, but the defiantly clutched fish and the bold stripes make me wonder if this is a pictorial declaration of a people finally waking from their slumber and beginning to contemplate calling upon the forces of change.

I think what I might mean is: Is this a timeless tale, or a tale for our times?

This reminds me of the old saying:

Hand a man a fish, and you'll have a smelly hand.

Teach a man to fish, and he'll have the smelly hand.

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