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Here is the girl of Weaver's dreams. Notice how she gets low to create less drag...

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Something about this horse statue makes it seem a little more "special" than others. He resides in London Tower which is in London, this one city in England.

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I realize this one's pretty far from the normal stuff I post here, but I really like it so here it is. It's from the Porsche room at the LA auto show.

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I don't normally post photos of people here, but I couldn't resist this one. This is my friend Alex mugging for the camera (as usual) near the corn field in downtown LA.

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My entire family’s messed up. I’m probably the least messed up out of all of us, but I’m also the youngest. I’m sure this stuff builds up over time, like plaque. The difference is you can brush teeth. Minds are a lot harder to clean efficiently, especially in those hard-to-reach places.

If one were to classify my family’s abnormalities dentally, then Mom has severe gingivitis, Charles has some impacted molars, Henry has bleeding gums from brushing too much and I have a mild build-up of tartar. I didn’t know my Dad too well, so I guess he could have flossed more. We all should.

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