What's the Deal with this Guy?

By Chris Leavens

Ok, I realize I've been absent for a while now, but I've got plenty of great excuses, one of which is another web site I'm working on for a friend's documentary. This is a picture I took in France in September.

Here's the deal: you know he's French, but what's the deal with this guy? My suggestion to spur site activity is to have people submit stories about this dude (fictional, unless you sold him the snazzy orange hat and know his true story). Ten Pork Pony t-shirts to the person with the best story. I'll pay postage. Please post the stories as entries, not as comments. Please reserve comments on this photo for commentary. Please. Please?


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Sounds like a challenge. I accept.

Wow, despite the mushroom cap on his head and bulb of garlic on his necklace of Coco Puffs, DeNiro looks good. Viva la France?

It's Alex (of Alex and Robbin fame)! The stardom rolling with Dreamgirl forced him to go incognito.

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