Artists Are Sissies by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I forgot to post this. I took it while I was in NYC in late June. The sticker on the post reads, "Artists Are Sissies." Obviously makes more of an impact when the photo's bigger.


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The truth is the same no matter how small or marginally readable it is.

Photo: Very cool. I like it a lot.
The sticker: Truer words have never been spoken. Probably an artist with a beret and a cigarette tried to deconstruct it.

If that lit up white dude was skipping, that would be the ultimate snapshot. Without that, the photo has a lot going for it. I love all of the angles involved. Looks as busy as the street probably is down below.

Are all artists sissies? Then, if all artists are sissies and some sissies are widgets, are all artists widgets? I think that the answer is obvious.

All poets are tools.

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