Smoke & Rainbow by Frog

Smoke & Rainbow_0046.jpg

Taken at a fire scene early in 2004. This one has never seen the light of day and reminds me of Dio.


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This is just a great picture, bar none. The soft lines of nature (the water and rainbow) along with the hard lines of the truck and ladder are sweet. And the colors, the colors!

Even when the sun is shining, we can all see a rainbow in the dark.

I don't see anything flammable in this picture--except for your artistic talent!!

I've been gone too long in the midnight sea, so I haven't had much time to toss in my comments. This photo is pretty intense. The red at the bottom makes the shot for me -- it makes all of the other colors pop.

What a great image. From the framing to the color it works perfectly. It's nice to be in the right place at the right time. Well, maybe not for whatever was on fire that is.

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