Curtis's School Bus Ribs by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Curtis's Ribs in southern Vermont is a restaurant in a school bus. My guess is that this is Curtis, but I've been wrong before (once).

I'll be traveling until the 30th of June, so my site participation will be spotty until after the 4th of July. I'll probably post a few more photos soon.


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School Bus Driver Curtis -- Cooking with Fire!

This expert Ribologist prepares quite a meal, I must say. I shall return to Putney, VT (off Exit 4, I-91) when I get the rib-sweats again.

FYI: His slow nephew serves pudding and other non-sharp foods out of the short bus near the pavilion. You can pay with Monopoly money if you want to, its cool.

Yes, that was crude, and I apologize.

Hmm... the mixing of sauces and hydraulic fluids...

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