Undercover Man & Ernie by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens


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You know, ever since I learned that God is/sinaw't, I've been surprised at how few other people were aware of it. This guy has the right idea, letting people know.

I thought Gordon had passed away.

You see, this guy has the right idea, and has most certainly logged onto Unloosen and read my Karate story. He is only able to convert those who know no amount of karate, him being a white belt, and all.

Bert, a devout Scientologist, was busy converting the cast of The George Lopez show. He gained a few Latinos, but lost his best friend and bedmate.

fantastic picture, Chris. I just want to know one thing. What sort of music was piping through the boom box?

He was cranking Time/Life's Classical Thunder or something like that and swaying back and forth, this stern, suspicious look frozen on his face. I feel bad for beggars, but he was just plain creepy/bizarre, so I tore out the Nikon and stole this shot before he could reveal the dagger hiding in Ernie's left ear.

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