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Bad Touch Timmy


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Just look at Timmy, with his monochromatic shirt and turtleneck combo and rosy cheeks. Also notice how this pro slipped off the wedding ring before approaching Timmy on "Open Mic Night" at the Coal Hole. Worst rendition of "Summer Nights" in recent history, by the way.

I have two responses:

1) The way he's got his finger in his beltloop and eyeballing that husky man, Timmy was asking for it.

2) As I was taught by the "Caring for Kids" campaign through WSEE Channel 35, your chest and groin is your dignity, and when someone touches your dignity, you lose your dignity FOREVER.

This brand of puppeteering is wrong on so many levels. I hope the show was in the local prison, but I suspect it was for the entertainment of little folks (non-midget little folks). And am I imagining things or does that puppet have a mullet?

Who's belly button would be easier to find?

"Oh, Timmy. That's not breast cancer I feel, is it?"

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