Rabbit Boy by Frog

rabbit boy.jpg

I see many a strange thing in my travels as a coal region photojournalist. This one fried my tiny brain.



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Frog, I spend every day wanting your job. I'm just wondering, how did he get up there and did he ever get down? Will he ever meet a rabbit girl? Fate sees him at the furry convention ConFURence in 2011.

I'd like to take credit for this, but I can't. A coworker of mine has seen this picture and he says:

In regards to the bunny guy, I think that's why people flee from china, cause some of them are forced into doing such things like that and the others because that's all they have to watch.

Chris, I don't recall how rabbit boy got up there. I spent much of the time during this show gawking at momma rabbit, seen here in the background. Rabbit boy will be fine as long as he is not related to the two girls who were performing with him.

My job rules when I get to see stuff like this. Unfortunately it dosen't happen nearly enough.

The more I look at this, the harder I laugh. It's beyond ridiculous. And think about this: if, like yomama suggests, he did infact flee China due to something he was forced into, the above act of contortion and anthropomorphy would be incredibly easy and not at all humiliating.

One more thing: I understand how momma rabbit could be a distraction.

Once again, fantastic stuff, Frog. You have somehow managed to gain access to a Neverland Ranch open audition. That press pass is like gold, man. "China" is the chinese word for "circus", so the Chinese see this kind of stuff everyday.

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