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Dave Tamkus, a long-time reader heralding from the Pork Pony days, bestows upon us his first-ever Unloosen submission. Like Katy's photo, Dave's transmission originates from the Pennsylvania Coal Region. Welcome to the other side of Unloosen, Dave. -Chris

The following sign has been up on Tioga St. [in Shamokin, PA] for about a week now. Personally, I won't be attending. I don't know how to plan my evening around "6-TiL." Something about the hand drawn letters tells me if you eat the caked potato being served "FRiDAY," you are going to have a long Saturday. Another interesting fact, the arrow isn't really pointing to a building. I would assume that you just have to show up and look for a line. Which actually reminds me of a joke. Q: What has 60 legs and 7 teeth? A: The potato cake line at Transfig block party.

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