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As any of my friends can tell you, I am guilty of using the word 'awesome' in conversation with a frequency that should not be permitted by law (at least with concern to a 30-year-old man). This sight was truly awesome; I went on a hike north of Seattle in search of an area called the Big Four Ice Caves. What I found instead were avalanches. They sounded like thunder and looked like waterfalls of snow pouring off of the mountain. For a little bit of perspective, look at the pine tree in the foreground and then look at the little spiky 'hairs' on the mountain above the avalanche. Yep, those are more of the same pine trees.

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This is in the part of Seattle that is underground. They raised the city up one story or so after poop geysers started gushing out of toilets due to "technical difficulties" (i.e. little forethought, laziness, and a complete lack of civil engineering).

There'll be a cool avalanche photo later this week.

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Montano de Oro State Park in Los Osos, CA (central coast of CA).

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