Unlock the Inner Player by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens
I've always loved garbled translations and self-help or advice given in English by people who just recently learned English. This piece is my attempt at a pamphlet written by a "wise man" who's new to either America or English. (CL)

Many of us among us have a problem. This problem can be big. It is a problem known as loneliness of spirit, soloness of soul. For some of us among us, this problem can cause a slow down for everyday life.

I speak today of gentlemen with this problem because I do not understand women with this problem.

Gentlemen look at this: If you have the problem of spirit loneliness or soul soloness, there is an answer. You must fill your life with women. You must unlock the inner player.

Each one of us among the gentlemen among us has an inner player living on the inside off his body. Maybe the inner player is standing atop his heart. The inner player is locked for some gentlemen. This can be a problem.

"But wait a second. How can this be a problem?" This can be a problem because the inner player is what helps a gentleman end spirit loneliness and/or soul soloness by enabling the gentleman to obtain one or more woman friends.

This is where I begin to show you the key.

1. Accept the inner player. Many gentlemen do not allow the inner player to speak to their hearts or minds. This can place a lock on the inner player. "But it is so easy to say that the inner player is a bad thing. Why should I accept the inner player if it is a bad thing?" This is a myth about the inner player. The inner player is a good thing but is sometimes used by gentlemen for bad things. This can cause a problem with the gentler gentleman. It can lock up his inner player. The first step on the road to unlocking the inner player is to realize that the inner player can be used for good and is not dirty. It is only the outer player that can be filled with dirt and it is only the willful gentleman that can dirty the outer player. The inner player is good and will help you get a woman and/or women friends. Accept this.

2. Look for the "layer" in your inner player. Because of the biology, every gentleman has a "layer" inside his inner player. The "layer" is two things: nuance and drive. The "layer" is nuance because every gentleman is different and original in some way. Drive is "layer" in a different way. Drive means the wanting to lay with a woman and/or women. Drive can be seen by some gentle gentlemen as a bad thing but it is not a bad thing because of the biology. Drive is the most dangerous part of the "layer" and can often make the inner player dirty after it is unlocked and it becomes the outer player. It must be looked for and accepted, however, or you will never see the key.

3. Classified ads. Many dollars have been made on classified ads being placed in local papers nationwide. You too can be making dollars by placing these classified ads. You first choose a product. Then it is time for you to set up a 900 number. Then it is time to place the classified ad. It is that easy.

4. Let the inner player be in a comfortable place. It is bad, if you are the type of gentleman who does not like to go to rock and roll concerts, to go to rock and roll concerts. It will not make your inner player comfortable and it will put another lock on the inner player. "But there are many women at the rock and roll concerts and I want a woman and/or women to help end my spirit loneliness and my soul soloness. Shouldn't I go to where women are at?" Women are at everywhere. You need to find out what you like to do and do that because that will make your inner player comfortable and it will show you the key.

These are essential rules for unlocking your inner player. The key is not hard to see if you play. That is important for you to know. If you are a self-starter or a go-getter, you will not have a problem stopping your problem. To find success and to see the key, you will only have to follow the rules that have been told to you. It is that easy.

So how will you end loneliness in your spirit and soloness in your soul? You will unlock the inner player and find a woman and/or women.

Remember these things.

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