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He thinks he can fly.

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Two posts in one day! It's been a while since last I posted, but things have been busy. Here, for your enjoyment is the result of an experiment with the new flash I bought for my camera. Scary stuff, indeed.

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Last weekend, I revisited one of my favorite hiking trails for the first time in nearly five years. Along the trail, nestled in a canyon, are the remnants of a World-War-II era "settlement for German Americans." It was a completely self-sustained community with stables, gardens, and a power generation facility. After these National "Bocialists" moved out, it became a commune. Now it's just a rotting, mangled mess that seems to attract a never-ending parade of taggers. The above photo is a close-up of one of the steel beams that formed the walls. Click below for more metallic carnage, sans comments (I'm not feeling well today).

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