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In what might be the second of my sidewalks series, I present to the readers and accidental visitors of this site a picture I took perhaps only one or two weeks ago. It was an auspicious find for Chinese New Year, and the full meaning of it hasn't yet been made clear to me. Perhaps I am posting here in the hope that others might see what this is and thus help me to achieve a higher understanding.

What I do know know is that this object was there and, in being there, it wielded a kind of power over many, if not most, who passed near it. Perhaps if I held one or more advanced degrees in the more useful of the arts and sciences, I might know why it held such power -- power disproportionate to its size. For, truly, it did seem to radiate, right there on the sidewalk, a weight not unlike that of one or more of the taller skyscrapers which we locals secretly desire strange unions and associations with.

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