Western Ave. 6: Escape from Tag City by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I'm not, nor do I think I ever will be a fan of tags or taggers, but this one accidentally turned out OK. Once a mural depicting the streets of Los Angeles, this slab of concrete has become a canvas for numerous graffiti "artists" who've scrawled everything from their signature scribbles to new buildings on the multi-colored wall. Only a few bits of the original art remain. I liked this particular portion because it looks like the bus is escaping the choke of graffiti closing in on it. And the police are courageously driving full-speed into vandalism's neon maw. GO 5-0!


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I don't like random ego tags like that stuff, either.

However, the graffitti guy from Britain, Banksy, is pretty damned amazing in the stuff he does. It's more stenciled stuff but it's great.

I hope the bus is full of the city's best and brightest, making their escape to a New World of purity and promise where science, art, and reason will joyfully radiate out from the shrine the bus will become once they have established themselves There.

Also, I agree, Banksy has done some pretty neat stuff, though I still have mixed feelings about painting animals...

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